Monday, May 04, 2015

PMFA Reader Photo Of The Day: Catching Up

This wonderful moment in time was take by Carroll Gardener Teri. C. this past Friday afternoon in front of Farmacy on Henry Street. terri writes:
"About 3:30pm, beautiful Millie ~ 99-years old and always so impeccably dressed ~ catching up with a friend on The Farmacy's pretty pink bench. A gentle reminder in this increasingly digital world of the power of genuine face-to-face connection."

I had not seen Millie for a while and am glad to see that she is doing well and is still as fabulously styled as ever.
How I love this neighborhood.

Thanks for sharing the photo with us, Teri.


chance bliss said...

millie is wonderful. she crocheted a scarf for my wife over the winter, and one for me as well. we are so honored to have them and feel fortunate each time we have an opportunity to sit down with her.

i hope that whomever takes over the former maybelle's café will remember to keep a bench available for millie, so she can catch up with friends while enjoying the morning sun.

gypsy said...

She's always been my Idol.i know her 48yrs

sKILLz said...

She is a wonderful person and has a beautiful soul!