Thursday, May 14, 2015

Shop 'Gowanus Market Place' At Proteus Gowanus

Gowanus Fly Squatters by Tony Stanzione
Etched bottles by Bronwen Densmore
Beacon Lamps
Hanging Terrarium by Twig Terrarium 
Pickles by Brooklyn Brine
Tony Stanzione's  Ma. Rocket

For the past few months, Proteus Gowanus, Proteus Gowanus, the interdisciplinary gallery at 543 Union Street, has been hosting a series of exhibitions, workshops and events organized around the theme of 'commerce'. Just recently, the gallery has opened a 'Gowanus Market Place' in its space, which will be open till July 11, 2015.
"As a culmination of our yearlong exploration of the theme COMMERCE,Gowanus Marketplace will explore the intersection of contemporary artistry and industry along the Gowanus Canal as it heeds the growing importance of creatively-based Gowanus commerce. The exhibition, featuring the work of Gowanus-based artists, artisans, and makers, will present functional objects and items as objets d’art in a re-imagined Old World marketplace."

Here is a list of participating artists and artisans.
Amanda Moffat Pottery

Chris Hackett
Arlen Huang
Ehrhardt’s Tempest
Haskieville Apparel
Jake Wright // Stockpile Designs
Lite Brite Neon Studio
May Luk
Melissa Dadourian
Pete Raho // Gowanus Furniture Co.
Phuong Nguyen
Pickle Shack // Brooklyn Brine
Sarah Kate Beaumont // Very Sweet Life
Soapwalla Inc.
Stone Street Coffee
Textile Arts Center // Emma Cleveland + Natalie Phillips
Tony Stanzione
Twig Terrariums

Stop on by the next time you are in Gowanus.

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