Friday, June 19, 2015

'Ana And Sophie's': A Nice New Breakfast And Lunch Spot On Court Street

A sweet little breakfast and lunch place called Ana and Sophie's has just opened at 194 Court Street between Warren and Congress Streets in Cobble Hill.  Besides offering a 'build your own egg sandwich" and frittatas in the morning, the menu includes some great salads and sandwiches.
Ana and Sophie's offers a full coffee menu as well.
For the kids, there are grilled cheese sandwiches and Nutella toast with banana.

The space was occupied until recently by the short lived Cobble Hill Crêperie and Tea Spot.


Anonymous said...

Had an iced coffee from here this morning - VERY good. Glad to see another coffee option on that block - Pedlar can be obnoxious(ly busy).

Katia said...

Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Is this a re-vamp by the creperie guys, or is this someone else? I had hoped those young guys would succeed, but one can eat only so many nutella crepes.

Anonymous said...

The logo. Why is everything in this area so babyish? Need I ask?

Anonymous said...

Hi - I couldn't tell from the picture what the City Health Rating Was???
I didn't see any sign posted. Does anyone know if they got an "A"?
Too many places are "Grade Pending" or loosing their "A" rating.


AnonYmous said...

Im pretty sure its a new owner.nothing to do with the crepe guys