Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lift Sensory Deprivation And Floatation Therapy Center Now Open Above Buschenschank On Court Street

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A blackboard in front of Lift, the newly opened sensory deprivation and  floatation therapy center at  320 Court Street asks: "Aren't you curious?"
Well yes, we are. Many in the neighborhood had been having fun guessing what the giant bathtubs that were delivered to the address  back in February were for.

According to its web site,  Lift's owners "believe that having somewhere to relax—a refuge to escape from it all—is key to staying grounded. That's why we've put so much care into Lift. Having experienced the inner stillness, bursts of insight and relief from pain that floating can bring, we're passionate about making this practice more widely available."

The price for a single float is $99. Lift offers a 'first time' 3 float package for $199.  Monthly plans are also available.
The water in the tubs is heated to body temperature and Epsom salt is added.  It gets recirculated three times and treated between 'floaters.'

One must wonder if placing this haven of silence right above one of the loudest bars in the neighborhood was the best move.  What do you think?
Have you been yet? Are you planning on going?

PMFA just received an email from David Leventhal of Lift.  He and his partner Gina  write:
"Call us crazy for locating above a loud bar, but honestly the only noise that occasionally may disturb people floating is the sound of our clients loudly and excitedly discussing their experiences with us. We hired a prominent acoustical engineering firm to design and help us implement soundproofing techniques which isolate us from the sounds emanating from below."

THanks for the information, David and Gina.


Anonymous said...

I've been a number of times. It's true the bar can be loud, but once you're in the tank you can't hear a thing. I'm really surprised how much I loved it. But I don't think they're fully "open" yet.

Anonymous said...

i hope they bought a structural engineer in as well. I would hate to step out of that tank with my birthday suit on and be at the bar.

Andy said...

Looking forward to giving this a try.

David Leventhal said...

Yes we also hired a structural engineer and a mechanical engineer.

Anonymous said...

100 bucks to soak in a tank? Then walk out past that joke of a bar?
What a waste of money. Structural engineer is right. Those joists weren't made out of steel.

Anonymous said...

I had never tried this before and really loved it! No noise at all from the bar. Better than anything else I had tried to relieve stress. Definitely try it.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think that they would have something like this and not be on top of acoustics and such? Come on. I tried this the other day, and of course there was no noise from the bar below. All you can hear is the music, if you so choose, or else the sound of your own heart and maybe the water splashing a bit as you get settled.

It was definitely one of the cooler things I've done, super relaxing. Really just an awesome unique experience. Would definitely recommend it.

Anonymous said...

At least 4 of the comments seem to have a financial stake in this venture. Can you guess which ones?

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous. Have you tried floating? Maybe if you did you wouldn't be so negative. And, no, I don't have a financial stake in this venture and I'm only writing as "anonymous" because I don't want to open any more new accounts.