Monday, June 15, 2015

"O. J. Cleanse" Opens On Bergen Street

OJ CLEANSE, INC., just opened at 85 Bergen Street in the space once occupied by Hanco, before the Vietnamese sandwich shop moved over to Smith Street.
Besides fresh squeezed orange juice for those trying to detox, OJ Cleanse offers other organic fresh juices, smoothies, coffee, teas and salads. 
To celebrate its grand opening, OJ Cleanse is currently offering a 10% discount on gift cards. You can follow this new neighborhood business here.

I am not so sure about the name. What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Though it looks cute and tasteful it's a block over from blue bottle and on same block as Van Lueewen.
. . and hopefully won't have to compete with the other juice bars within a few blocks radious. The name is not the best. OJ Simpson came to mind. And that thing people do using water. . Starts with an E.
Yes. Not the best name. But it's nice to see little pockets with smaller businesses. Despite the name I'll stop in.

Anonymous said...

How would this compete with Blue bottle? Thats a coffee shop. This is mostly organic juice which we have nothing like In Cobble Hill or actually anywhere in the area. Most juice places are using GMO products . Smart idea and hopefully people see it there

Anonymous said...

Cleanse? Where exactly is this juice supposed to go?