Thursday, June 04, 2015

Picture Of The Day: Sidewalk Message (In French)

Translation: " It is never too early to talk to your children"
Written in chalk on the sidewalk at the corner of Smith Street and Carroll Street.


Anonymous said...

In French? Give me a break!

Jimmy from Brooklyn said...

Talk about what?
-How to take up the entire sidewalk with you and your stroller?
-Have attitude when you are at a local establishment and they don't bend over backwards because you have a kid and are French?
-Use a golf umbrella when its sprinkling? And try to pop out someone else's eye?
-Walk while text and not walking a straight line?
-Ride your bike on the sidewalk?
-Stop in the middle of the sidewalk for no reason, and block it?
-How not to tip on service at bars and restaurants?

Sure there is more they could talk about with their kid- but wait- Martin Ames is at Book Court- gotta go!

chance bliss said...

nice to see that there are still many french-speakers in our neighborhood. i worry that one day they'll all be gone.