Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Back In Brooklyn!

Back in Brooklyn and to reality after a splendid summer.  I have spent the last few days unpacking, settling back in and weeding the garden.  During my absence, my back yard turned into quite a jungle, but all the flowers survived.
I will slowly begin posting about news from Carroll Gardens  starting today, so if you are back in town after the summer, make sure to stop by PMFA often.


Becky said...

Welcome back! Your garden looks beautiful!
Hope you snagged a copy of the New Yorker with the Gowanus cover illustration...

Katia said...

Hi Becky, Thanks. That's my garden before weeding, but in the heat, I have not made too much progress. I did not get a copy of the New Yorker, but saw the cover online. Pretty amazing.

hedgehog said...

Welcome back, Glenn and Katia, though you probably picked the hottest week of the summer to drop back into!

Still good weather for a glass of rose. I'm heading to San Diego on Saturday to celebrate Kevin's 25th birthday. Will set up a time to get together when I return. Looking forward to seeing you, Mary

Katia said...

Absolutely, Hedgehog. drop us a note when you are back. Say hi to Kevin and enjoy your time with him.