Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Evolving With A Changing Neighborhood: Madison Rose Maternity On Court Street Becomes Woods Grove

Chris DiChiaro, Woods Grove owner and #1 Dad

Back in 2009, Jilian and Chris DiChiaro opened 'Madison Rose' at 313 Court Street in Carroll Gardens. The store, named after their two daughters Riley Madison and Stella Rose, specialized in maternity wear, which seemed like a great idea in light of all the young couples and families moving into the neighborhood.

The store was a success, but recently, the demand for maternity clothes seems to have diminished. Chris believes that the neighborhood's demographic may be shifting again and that expectant mothers prefer to buy online or in general may purchase fewer items for the relatively short period in which they are needed.
So Jillian and Chris decided to change course and stocked their store with hand-made items, collectibles and antiques, as well as jewelry, cards and home d├ęcor.

The result is Woods Grove, which opened this past August. The new name is inspired by a cul-de-sac in Westport, Connecticut, where the couple spend many happy moments with their daughters.
The change in direction seems fitting. Jillian and Chris have always loved all things vintage, and often would use items from their personal collection as props to reflect their own personal taste when they still sold maternity wear. Now, some of those collectibles are for sale at Wood Grove. A complete 1960's Fisher Price Family Farm, which will make many nostalgic, can be found next to an altered plate featuring Sergeant Bosco, or an up-cycled upholstered chair. Mixed in are unique gift items and products made right here in Brooklyn.

The mix of old and new certainly makes for a fun shopping experience and there is bound to be something for all tastes in the store.
Woods Grove's eclectic collection is constantly changing, so make sure to stop by frequently.

Woods Grove
313 Court Street
(718) 858-4851
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Anonymous said...

Oh good, another store no one will buy anything in.

Anonymous said...

Good luck. The demographic looks to be Hippie Hipster. It could do well for the holiday season; frivolous gifts for affluent people. But I cannot see them doing a lot of other sales in this bedroom community.

Anonymous said...

How about this for an idea? We support local entrepreneurs and small businesses who are trying to bring something special to the neighborhood. Chris has great taste and has always been helpful and personable. Would you prefer another bank or drugstore?

Anonymous said...

it's all very cute and gifty but they should beef it up...

Anonymous said...

Great store with Great items for sale. Shop local Mom and Pop

Anonymous said...

I love the range in this store - we need something like this in the neighborhood - you'd always be able to find something to cheer you up. Especially like the colored glass and kids' stuff.

Nancy said...

Lets close down a grocery store so we can have a whole blocks of stores like this!
Oh wait- that's already happening.