Monday, October 12, 2015

Tropical Ghana: Cooking With Charles Can At Court Tree Collective

Are you into food and cooking? If so, you should check out Court Tree Collective, the small gallery and event space at 371 Court Street between Carroll Street and First Place in Carroll Gardens. In addition to some innovative art exhibits, Court Tree has been hosting awesome culinary classes with chefs that hail from around the globe.  On October 24th, Court Tree will introduce the cuisine of Ghana. Below is more information:

Court Tree Collective presents Tropical Ghana Fisherman Style by original Court Tree member Charles Cann. Back by popular request the grilled fish is coming back with a new friend. You know the grilled fish, now meet Charles’s Baked Koose (vegetarian).

Grilled Fish, Ghana Fisherman Style
When the fishermen in Ghana set out to sea, they also take their clay grinding bowl, salt, pepper, ginger, a portable stove and a few other items in their canoes to help them cook and grill some fresh fish from their catch. Your turn to join on land, in Brooklyn, for this mouth-watering flavor loaded fish, paired with Baked Koose.

Baked Koose (aka Baked Akara) [Pronounced Koh-Say]
Koose is a deep-fried snack made out of black-eyed beans batter. A well-known delicious snack that comes vegetarian and excites many in Ghana, Koose is also known as Akara in Nigeria and dates back centuries. It is believed to have made its way to Brazil as Acaraje – a popular Brazilian street food. Now, enter Baked Koose! The next generation in the Koose family comes baked, delicious and retains the wholesomeness of the beans to get you recharging right away.

Sign up for the class here!!  The cost is $35.

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