Thursday, October 08, 2015

While There Are Still Artists In Gowanus, Take Advantage Of Gowanus Open Studios 2015

Arts Gowanus started back in 1997 with a mission "to nurture the vibrant creativity in the Gowanus neighborhood." Though recently, many artists have been displaced because of development pressures in the area, the group's Gowanus Open Studios event is still going strong and is being held every October. It is a chance to meet local artists in their ateliers, and to participate in our neighborhood's exciting art scene

This year, Gowanus Open Studio will be held the weekend of October 16-17 the 2015 and will include over 340 artists. One of those artists is Regina Perlin, who has been painting the Gowanus Canal and Carroll Gardens and the changes over these past years.  Stop by Studio 2L at 168 7th Street (between 2nd and 3rd Avenues) to meet her and her studio mates, Ella Yang who also paints the Gowanus Canal, and Sarah Brook who constructs evocative, spiritual abstract wall sculptures.

You can find the entire list of participating artists here.
All information on the event below and by visiting

October 16-18
Studios are open Noon - 6:00pm
Sat + Sun, October 17 + 18


Anonymous said...

Let me help you:

"...many artists have been displaced because of LACK OF development in the area."

Fixed that for you.

Margaret said...

11:41 you make NO sense and obviously do not know that artists do not go where there is development - development does not cater to artists - to artists' budgets. Developments FOLLOW artists, who are then displaced. Note Soho, Tribeca, Dumbo - name it.

Nancy said...

Let's make room for less artists .