Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Empty Lot At Corner Of Union And Smith Streets For Rent

The empty lot at the corner of Smith Smith Street and Union Street here in Carroll Gardens is currently for rent through Cushman and Wakefield Realty.
For quite a few years, the lot housed three abandoned kiosks that were a real eyesores here in Carroll Gardens.  The kiosks and the tattered red and white tent right next to the containers, once housed the Brooklyn Indie Market, where local artisans sold their hand-made wares.  Since the end of 2010, however, the container-like-structures have been unused and unlocked.  Trash not only accumulates in them, they are also used as 'pissoirs' on a regular basis.  For a while, a homeless man was taking shelter in one of them.

Since the lot/lots are for rent long-term or short-term instead of for sale as a development site, it is likely that they will be used in a similar fashion.  An indie market would be wonderful, as long as the lot is maintained better than in the past.
It is interesting to note that the sidewalk in front of the site has recently been identified by the NY Department of Transportation as a possible Citi-bike docking station.

Below are some photos taken of the site in 2013.  Scroll down for a photo of the block in 1928, before the original buildings were taken down to make way for the subway tunnel that was built underneath Smith Street.

The empty metal kiosks and tent that occupied the site for years. Picture taken in 2013

Smith bet Union and Pres
Middle of the block 302 to 320 Smith Street, looking towards Union Street in 1928


Jimmy from Brooklyn said...

That "DR LANES DENTIST" sign where Kittery is now is AMAZING. I would love to know where it ended up. It would look great in my den.

Anonymous said...

What is that scoreboard thing across the street?!? That's what I wanna know.
Well unless the green market spills over into this space I see nothing worthy. Or able to fit inside here that's shop able. Bring back the torn down buildings. :(

Anonymous said...

Ideal location for a seven story studio luxury condo. In the heart of Carroll Gardens feet from the subway and the semi alive Smith St scene.