Friday, November 20, 2015

We Olive On Smith Street Celebrates Olive Harvest And "Olio Nuovo"

(photo credit: We Olive and Wine Bar Brooklyn)
This week-end, Angelo and Patricia Incorvaia, owners of We Olive and Wine Bar Brooklyn at 116 Smith Street, are inviting to a very special event. Each year around this time, the Olive Oil industry releases an Extra Virgin Olive Oil called Olio Nuovo and We Olive is one of the only places in New York where one can get this 'new oil.' Stop by and taste some.

Owner Angelo writes:
We Olive & Wine Bar Brooklyn announces the arrival of its 2015 harvest Olio Nuovo extra virgin olive oils. The first milling of the harvest, Olio Nuovo, or "new oil,” is prized for its superior freshness, distinct flavors, and health attributes. Only available for just a short time after the harvest each year, Olio Nuovo is one of the gourmet food retailers’ most sought after olive oils.
We Olive Brooklyn features Olio Nuovo from three different California growers. The 2015 We Olive Olio Nuovo, produced exclusively for We Olive, is made from Arbequina olives from Northern California’s San Joaquin County. With a herbaceous and grassy aroma, this oil is creamy and full of fresh green olive fruit flavor, notes of green banana, green grass. Its long-lasting finish with subtle bitterness and pungency makes for a harmonious and deliciously complex oil.
We Olive 2015 Olio Nuovo will be available as part of their bulk olive oil program. Guests visiting the store can taste this exclusive oil and then choose from a variety of bottle sizes to be filled on-site to order from stainless steel fustinos. In addition to the house Olio Nuovo, the Brooklyn outpost of this California-based specialty retailer, will also be offering bottled Olio Nuovo from two small artisan growers—Séka Hills out of the Capay Valley in Northern California and Fandango, located in Paso Robles, California.
Discussing the unique attributes of Olio Nuovo, We Olive Managing Partner and Board Member of the California Olive Oil Council (COOC), Ruth Mercurio explains "Ordinarily, olive oil is stored for a couple of months before bottling to let the sediment fall to the bottom and to allow the flavors to mellow. Olio Nuovo is picked, milled and bottled right away to create brilliant green oil with bold, fresh flavors.”
We Olive Brooklyn invite New Yorkers to stop by its retail store and wine bar during 'Celebrate the Harvest' weekend, November 20 – 22. Guests will be treated to a guided Olio Nuovo tasting, complimentary tastings, and Olio Nuovo-inspired plates in the wine bar.

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