Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Sad Farewell From Brucie In Cobble Hill

A glimpse back in time: Brucie just before it opened in 2010
Brucie in December 2015
You probably already heard about the sad closing of Brucie, the wonderful local Italian eatery at 234 Court Street in Cobble Hill. After five years in business, owner and chef Zahra Tangorra sent out an emotional letter to her customers explaining that it was time to turn her attention to other ventures. Tangorra writes:

Dear New York,

How do I explain how deeply I love you? Your vivaciousness, your energy, your people, the smell of your hair.......

It has been my greatest honor to be in this relationship with you these past 5 1/2 years. Every day that we spent together was a new adventure. I felt privileged to have lasted in a love affair with such a fickle and fiery partner , knowing that the tenure of our union was in fact a testament to my character as well. When you bestowed gifts upon me, when your inhabitants filled my room, when your critics sang my praise, the world stopped. I never imagined that I could have lasted so long with someone like you, and the fact that you showed me love for so long and love so great has made my life feel like it meant something.

But, as you might be sensing from the mellow dramatic tone of this letter, I need to say goodbye. I need to move on and find my peace, my real purpose, my grown up identity. Every second was a gift and a pleasure and while you will probably soon forget me, please know I will never forget you or what you have done for me, it has meant everything, and I will love you the most for the rest of my life.

Goodbye New York, I will be closing my doors February 15th. I don't know where I am going , but I know where I have been, and it was in the arms of the greatest city in the whole wide world. My staff and I look forward to all the new adventures and opportunity you have to share. While this part of our relationship is over, I really think and hope we can stay friends. Thank you. I love you. Take care.

Oh, you left your toothbrush here, I'm just going to throw it out.......


Please come see us as many times as humanly possible over the next two months! We love you all so much it is crazy, and we can't wait to continue to make memories, dance, and laugh our heads off these next 8 weeks!

You may want to say good-by to Brucie in style by attending its New Years eve celebration dinner. It is $100 per person and includes a prix fixe menu and prosecco toast.

The 234 Court Street location was, until recently, the home of Cube 63, a sushi restaurant.
Many years ago, it was a great toy store called the Laughing Giraffe.  Anyone remember it?


Landlord said...

Do remember Laughing Giraffe. Never been to Brucie. Newbies do come & go dont they. Ah well.....

Cynthia said...

The Laughing Giraffe at the Monkey's Wedding. I remember it well.

Anonymous said...

Long before that it was Mario's candy store.

Anonymous said...

"Mellow dramatic" indeed...

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a big toy solider outside the store or am I imagining it?

Anonymous said...

No one's mentioned the food here. Which I think is telling. I ate there twice for dinner. Decent food with outrageous prices. I'm surprised it took this long.

Anonymous said...

Why outrageous? Ever eaten at Nobu? Ever consider rents or ingredients or anything else? Ever consider this was a labour of love for a young chef? With overhead and who knows what else?
Anyway. I never went to this place but always wanted to. Small establishments are what make the neighborhood. This has long been an odd location. A London basement is a hard sell. Anyway. I think this notice was premature but in any event I hope people go here before the end.

Anonymous said...

This place was very good to start, but fell off fairly quickly. Their service was mediocre at best and I had a very bad experience trying to email/call/talk to them in person about reserving out a few tables (12 people in total) for a little get-together. They asked for something outrageous ($1800 I believe) on totally different dates than what I wanted, and then just stopped responding to emails afterwards when I tried to correct them and get another (real) quote. That's not how you do business unfortunately. I was so turned off by their snooty attitude that I never went back.

Anonymous said...

I've eaten there many times although not lately. The food is fantastic and they're always crowded. The prices are very high - which is why I haven't been much lately - but about the same as other Brooklyn restaurants. I thought the letter was amusing. I remember the Laughing Giraffe and the sushi restaurant that wasn't there for long. Our neighborhood has become a revolving door.

Anonymous said...

The food was good, but I found the owner so full of herself. I actually had a similar experience as Anonymous 11:07. The owner was dating a friend at the time, so we decided to patronize her restaurant and asked for a large party reservation of 12 people for my birthday. They gave us such attitude and acted like we were trying to make a reservation at Per Se. I also felt that her Beyonce themed meals were so contrived and screaming for viral attention.

I miss the former space's Cube 63 far more than I will miss this place.