Thursday, December 03, 2015

Reader Question Of The Day: Where Do People Like To Buy Their Christmas Tree In Carroll Gardens?

Carroll Gardener and PMFA reader John recently posted a comment here and asked the following question:

"While I've gotten some pretty nice trees in the neighborhood, for the past several years we've been going to CT to chop our own tree down. So much fun! 
Anyway, we can't make it this year, and I'm wondering where people like to buy their trees from here in CG. Tell me who to support and who to avoid please!"

I thought many here in the community would like to chime in. How about it? Where do you get your Christmas tree? And did you already buy yours and decorate it?


Anonymous said...

I've always gone to Court and Pacific, but this year I went to Lowe's. Don't feel great about supporting them, but last year I paid $100 for a tree on Court, and roughly the same sized tree was $30 at Lowe's! I'd rather give my money to the Canadian guys, but $70 is a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

I got mine once from some teenagers near the Capital One Bank and a few times from the Gowanus Yacht Club space. I get a smaller tree for a smaller apt and have felt the prices are fair. I'd recommend either.

I tried Mazzone last year but forgot (like I always do) that they close at 3 on Sundays. They're closest to my apt and I'd like to try them this year.

Jennifer said...

We buy from Mazzone every year. They are so nice and helpful all year round, I can't imagine giving my money to a better neighborhood shop.

AB said...

We got our small tree from the guys at Gowanus Yacht Club last year. It was reasonably priced and the tree lived for a long time. We'll go back to them this year.

Anonymous said...

I never buy a tree but I do enjoy the people who come down from Vermont and sell beutiful wreaths. They usually set up in the yard infront of a church on Clinton street near degraw or so. Nice. Calm no stupid giant inflatable Santas and blaring music.
The people in front of Bagels on park are fine I suppose but highly annoying characters. :)

Unknown said...

Mazzone's. Good tree that lasted on our deck for months. Fair price, nice people.

Unknown said...

Mazone's. Good tree that lasted on our deck for months. Nice people, fair price.

Lisanne said...

I like the big giant expensive trees that are on the sidewalk before Xmas because of people going "home" for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Mazzone's or you hate Christmas.

Jimmy from Brooklyn said...

Usually buy at Mazzone's, but was walking the dog this past weekend by Whole Foods and they had them on sale for $30 for that weekend only.

Anonymous said...

We get ours at Christ church! Pleasant experience each year. Owners of the Xmas tree farm are kind and helpful and bring their trees down from Vermont. Very classic Christmas feel and an all around great tradition.

chance bliss said...

we buy our trees from windswept farms, who set up shop outside the episcopal church on clinton and kane.

the trees are organic, and they often sell wreaths, maple syrup and sometimes cakes. friendly folks as well.

been buying from them for four years now.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where to get a Scandinavian style Christmas tree? I've never seen one for sale in NYC.

chance bliss said...

anonymous from december 04 at 7:07 pm:

what do you mean by scandinavian style christmas tree? i'm danish (also with a norwegian mother) and i've never heard of such a thing. we use fir trees just like everyone else. : )

of course, we put real candles on our trees, but maybe that's not what you mean.

if you mean scandinavian ornaments, then i suggest the following:

the shop at scandinavia house on park avenue -

the scandinavian butik in norwalk, ct -

a few things can be found at sockerbit -

they'll have some holiday items at just scandinavian -

otherwise, if you want to see a scandinavian style tree - you can also go to the holiday party hosted by the danish-american society.

god jul.

Anonymous said...

We drive out to Pennsylvania. Great opportunity to visit with family and friends. And the trees are a lot cheaper there.