Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Bond Street Retail Space To Become Sales Office For Ultra Luxe Condo Development At 613 Baltic Street And Fourth Avenue?

 Rendering of development at 613 Baltic Street at 4th Avenue

A few days ago, a friend and local resident reached out to ask if we knew what was moving into the one story retail space at 303 Bond Street at the corner of Union Street in Gowanus.
In recent years, the 3600 sq ft. space has been used as an event space and a performing arts center.
However, some intriguing new signage has gone up on the building's fa├žade. 'Baltic'? 'Park Slope'?
Obviously, whoever was taking over the space had the street name and the neighborhood all wrong.
A quick goggle search, however, reveals that 303 Bond Street will obviously become the sales showroom for 613 Baltic Street , a 44-unit mixed-use luxury condominium building at 4th Avenue by JDS Development Group, which is currently under construction.  The apartments, which range from $950,000 to over $3,000,000, will be marketed by Corcoran Sunshine Marketing Group.

JDS Development Group, of course, is known for its super tall luxury tower on 57th Street in Manhattan.  613 Baltic Street is the developer's first ventures in Brooklyn.

On their way from the Baltic Street development site to the sales office on Bond Street,  prospective luxe condo buyers may find themselves crossing the Gowanus Canal.  Their conversations and observation are bound to be interesting as they make their way over the fetid waterway.


Biraz Turk said...

I hope they take a shortcut through the projects on their way.

Anonymous said...

Of course. Dance performance space becomes office for luxury housing. Says it all for Gowanus.

bored at work said...

More like:

"Vacant, long-underutilized space finally gets a short-term tenant"

Its hard to imagine they couldnt find a closer storefront on 4th or 5th Avenues, but this likely allows them to build model rooms/apartments.