Friday, January 08, 2016

Great News: Starting Next Week, Brooklyn Farmacy Will Open Earlier In The Morning

Here is some great news for Carroll Gardens coffee drinkers.  Currently, Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain opens its doors at 10 am, but very soon, this popular neighborhood spot will be opening its doors much earlier.
Starting Monday Jan. 11, Farmacy will open at 7 30 am from Monday to Friday so that all those who are up early and heading to work or taking kids to school can stop by for a great cup of coffee and some delicious baked goods.
Please note that Farmacy will still open at 10 am on Saturday and Sunday.
That makes a lot of sense, especially since Maybelle's Café, which was located directly across the street from Farmacy closed a year ago and will not be replaced by another coffee spot..

Farmacy is located at 513 Henry St. at the corner of Sackett Street.


Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this, do me a favor and go to Mazzola instead.

Anonymous said...

I wish more places in the neighborhood offered real breakfast, not just pastries.

jackie from designsmitten said...

now if they only had more than one freaking high chair! with the amount of families with little ones going here it boggles my mind why the only have one highchair in the whole place. I'd go here with a few mom friends tons if they did.

Anonymous said...

"now if they only had more than one freaking high chair!"

Oh man, Brooklyn problems these days. It's a ball pit jungle out there...

ignatius j. reilly said...

i welcome the farmacy's earlier morning hours.

mazzola's coffee is an abomination to good taste. thin brown water. it's only people with a certain apathy and sense of stagnation that imbibe that stuff, and even so, they must put bags of sugar in it in order to get it down their throats. better coffee can be enjoyed at henry's local, la cigogne and the farmacy, not to mention d'amico.

Anonymous said...

^^^agreed, I tried mazzola's this morning and it was the worst coffee I've had since the church coffee I had back when i was 12 years old. Will never ever go back.