Friday, February 12, 2016

Hey! What Happened To Trash Pick-Up Here In Carroll Gardens?

Could it be that the New York City Department of Sanitation has forgotten about Carroll Gardens? According to emails that PMFA received from readers in the past few days, there has not been any reliable trash pick-up in the neighborhood for the past week. I noticed the same on my block. Though recyclables were picked up a few days ago, the garbage and compost were not.

I took a quick walk around the neighborhood and sure enough, filled trash cans were standing by the curb from First Place to Fourth Place, on President Street, Carroll Street, and from First Street to 5th Street.

What's going on? We all understood when there was a disruption of service after January's snowstorm, but there has not been any significant snow since.

In January, the community was told that Sanitation would only pick up bulk items like couches and mattresses on an 'as needed" basis. The temporary slow down is related to the recent expansion of the organic waste collection in the neighborhood.

That, however, would not explain why there seems to be a slow down in garbage pick-up.

Meanwhile, it looks rather grimy with all the piled up trash in the neighborhood. To make things even worse, Monday is a Holiday, so no pick-up till Tuesday at least for some folks.

Has Sanitation picked up on your block in Carroll Gardens this week?


Julian Dunn said...

I just came back from lunch to see a DSNY truck rolling down 2nd St and picking up trash.

Tanvi said...

All the trash and recycling was picked up on Carroll Street today (a day late).

Katia said...

Ours was finally picked up, but was supposed to have been picked up this past Monday.

Anonymous said...

Just picked up today after sitting out since Monday....

Anonymous said...

311 app said all week "collections delayed all week due to snow". Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought...I don't know what the union rules are, but could a large number of workers be taking comp time for working around the clock during the blizzard cleanup (in addition to being paid overtime)? It's no excuse because resources could have been better allocated if this were the case, and it's no reason to be so short staffed. The blizzard was nearly three weeks ago, and most of the snow melted relatively quickly due to warming temperatures. The light snowfall we had last week was not enough to have to re-equip the trucks with plows all over again. The plows are ineffective until there are three inches of snow on the road, and I believe we really didn't get that much in most of the boroughs.

P Miller said...

The trash was picked up, but in a haphazard way. There is loose trash left behind everywhere. I have never seen such a poor execution of the trash collection. It almost seems intentional.

Anonymous said...

Sanitation worked long and hard hours during the snowstorm to ensure our streets were cleared of snow. The trash seemed to pile up then, so after the snow storm, once again, Sanitation had quite a task on their hands. They did an excellent job of cleaning up the trash then. So, who knows why pick up is not up to par today. Are the trash collectors taking a much needed day or 2 off? I can't blame them and I take the time to thank them for the excellent job they are doing when I see them on the streets of Brooklyn working much harder than I do.