Tuesday, February 09, 2016

The $2.6 Million Handyman Special In Carroll Gardens

Who here in Carroll Gardens has not wondered about the decrepit four-story brick townhouse at 351 Union Street right next to Smith Street Deli? For decades now, the building has looked neglected and uninhabited. The paint is pealing from the fa├žade, the stoop is crumbling, and before some of them were replaced just recently, several windows were broken and open to the elements.
Yet, on very rare occasions, I would see an elderly gentleman walk in and out of the house.

A few days ago, PMFA received an email from reader Bob reported that the property has been placed on the market.  Bob writes:
"This mystery house is finally for sale. All the years walking by and never knowing whether just a storage or abandoned or recluse living there."

Douglas Elliman is the realtor for the brick townhouse. From the listing:
"This is the ideal handy man's special. An investors absolute dream come through. An architect's drafting board. It needs a FULL gut renovation but location, location, location is where its at. Measuring 20x40, this home is 3360sf and can be recreated as a beautiful 1, 2 or 3 family home. This sale is contingent on seller being in contract on another home. All cash only."

The price for this "handyman special"? It is listed for $2,600.000. That is down from $2,800.000 back in November 2015, when the property was first placed on the market.

One hopes that someone will restore this brownstone to give it back some love and dignity.


Anonymous said...

It's not a brownstone.


Anonymous said...

...and its about $1 million overpriced, considering you can get a move-in condition house in the neighb for about $3 million....that's not next to a stinky deli and 10 feet off of smith street.

Anonymous said...

Carroll Gardens has gone mad and at some point will the victim of its' own success. Yes indeed, there are other properties in this overpriced neighborhood in which one can no longer enroll their kids into the local schools, can barely squeeze onto the F train, and never ever find parking. Not to mention watching the revolving door of businesses on Smith St come and go. Everyone needs to come down a notch if the spirit of these once vibrant neighborhoods are to survive. There is no middle class left, and definitely no working class. Tis a pity.

Anonymous said...

Yeah location is amazing, but it needs a million at least if you use a decent GC. I find the "cash only" part the most laughable.

Anonymous said...

Side note- ever been to that bodega? Odd hours, odd selection, over odd.....

Anonymous said...

It's "cash only" because a bank will never approve a mortgage on this dump. As for the deli, Vinny is one of the old guys in the neighborhood. Funny part is he owns that corner building. Enjoy that weird place, some day it will be a Thai place.

Anonymous said...

somebody bought 57 Wyckoff St (close to Smith) for $3.6M and knocked it down.

Anonymous said...

Vinny is a wonderful, generous, kind neighbor. His parents owned the business before him. Before you disparage him, take the time to get to know him. And, if you need help with your taxes, he's your man. He does many neighbors' taxes. Mary

Louise said...

Vinny is a neighborhood hero and anyone who lives nearby would do themselves well, if they actually have an emotional and / or intellectual interest, in getting to know him and the folks who hang around there. Sharp eyes will often see Vinny's brother in the 'hood riding a bicycle for (transportation). Also though I know why someone uses the term 'bodega'-- of which there used to be four-five-six on Smith St, in addition to the Puetro Rican social club & Spanish sports bar (with Latin Jazz on weekends)-- Smith Union Market, tho' not the market it used to be, serves a function similar to what a Brooklyn 'candy store' used to. Read Gilbert Sorrentino's classsic Brooklyn novel "Steelwork" (perhaps THEE greatest Brooklyn novel ever) for starters if this is not familar.