Monday, February 01, 2016

What Happened To' Animal Healing Arts Of Carroll Gardens' On Henry Street?

Late last week, I received the following email from Reader Ben:
"I spotted a "For Lease" sign in the window of Animal Healing Arts of Carroll Gardens on Henry Street, right next to Lucali. My son will be very sad to know that he won't be able to say hi to the cat in the window very much longer."

I walked past number 577 Henry Street this morning and the storefront had been totally emptied out.
A handwritten note in the window gives a telephone number for those who need their pet's medical  records or would like to arrange for a house call.

Animal Healing Arts' web site does not indicate that the practice has shuttered or relocated, but Yelp reports that it is now closed.

Does anyone know when the practice closed and what happened to Doctor Julie Morris?

In the meantime, the storefront is being marketed by Corcoran for $4,200 dollars a month as "a rare and incredibly charming commercial space in chic Carroll Gardens... in the heart of one of Brooklyn's hottest areas surrounded by multi million dollar townhouses on all sides."


Anonymous said...

I had an appointment for my cat the week after Xmas. When I called in the morning to confirm I was told that they were closing and the examining tables were being picked up that afternoon! They were referring their clients to the Garden Vet on Court Street. I wound up taking my cat there and they were great. But, I liked Dr. Morris. They did a dental on my other cat and November and I though they were quite nice.

Katia said...

Thanks, Anon. Had no idea it had been closed for so long.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katia. The Office closed at the end of 2015.

I'm sad to see it go. Dr. Morris and her staff were great and Boots (the cat in the window) was adorable.

Also, I saw what I can only assume to be prospective "tenants" being shown the space some time last week. I wouldn't be surprised to see something there by the Spring. Hopefully it's not another gaudy Martial arts studio....

Anonymous said...

I believe she is still seeing "patients" on a house call basis.

Anonymous said...

Sad to see them go, but for those in need of a new vet, the docs and staff at Garden Vet on Court St are just wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Eh, you and your pet are better off going to another vet. Was charged for services not rendered, constant misdiagnosis's, and a cold demeanor.

Anonymous said...

Hope Vet on Atalntic. Better. And that real estate listing makes me vomit. " multimillion dollar". Give me a break. Hardly any foot traffic down there except nannies and kids. Tough sell.

Anonymous said...

Neighborhood grapevine says Lucali is looking for more space. Supposedly they were interested in the Clinton Apothecary (RIP), but simply expanding next door would certainly be better/easier/cheaper.

Anonymous said...

We were Dr. Julie's clients for many years. She is still seeing patients by house call (as in, you go to her house.)

What we heard is that her landlord removed the heating system and required her to replace it at her own expense. A way to get her out, ugly but apparently legal. Landlord believes they can get a high-end tenant there who will install their own top of the line heating system. Like the Clinton Apothecary, ha ha.

Jelly said...

LetsPet grooming (on Henry St) has also closed December 2015. Anyone know what happened there? Gonna miss them both!

Becky said...

My husband went by there the other day and said it is now a new, different vet? What the heck?

Dr. Morris is still going, doing housecalls now (with a fancy laser too!)