Monday, February 22, 2016

Where Once A Temperamental Mechanic Repaired Motorcycles On Carroll Street, A New 4-Story House Will Rise

Looking at Carroll Street between Hoyt And Bond in 2014.
Above, 316 Carroll Street when it was the home of the 'moody' motorcycle mechanic
Demolition work at 316 Carroll Street in February 2015
Stalled construction in February 2016
For many years, the one story brick garage at 316 Carroll Street between Hoyt and Bond Street in Carroll Gardens was home to Motorcycle Works Limited.  The motorcycle repair shop belonged  to a man named Tom, a a rather  moody motorcycle mechanic, who seems to be revered by some for his skills, but criticized by others for his sometimes 'rude' behavior.
Tom eventually relocated his shop to 21st Street in Brooklyn and the garage on Carroll Street stood empty for a while.

In early 2015, a crew began doing interior demolition work and plans were filed for a "4-story, 3-family extension on top of the existing one story commercial building." Astoria-based Anthony Cucich is the architect of record.
Construction, however has hit a few snags, as the NYC Department of Buildings has issued a fair number of violations on this project.  Currently, a partial stop work order is posted on the construction fence.

Meanwhile, Tom, the mechanic for the' thick skinned only", has relocated to 21st Street in Brooklyn.
Do you remember him?


Anonymous said...

I've been watching this. Was sad to see this creative spot go away. Never met Tom but always enjoyed the exterior bits. This block is a mess now. All the old swept away under glass blah additions. The construction is rediculous. They installed their own stop sign so people wouldn't mow all those workers standing in the street.

Anonymous said...

Tom still stops by the deli around the corner occasionally. Artist, craftsman, mechanic, neighbor, and friend. He was only moody because people acted like idiots. Wish his shop could have stayed in the neighborhood.