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Friday, March 25, 2016

Olde Good Things Opens Pop-Up Shop On Court Street

Olde Good Things, the architectural salvage company that operates several stores in Manhattan and nationally, has just opened a pop-up store at 289 Court Street. Besides fixtures, mantlepieces, hardware and anything one may need to renovate a brownstone, Old Good Things also sells what they call "altered antiques", which are pieces created from salvaged wood and metal such as farm tables, lamps and framed mirrors made of old tin ceiling panels.

Please be advised that Olde Good Things is owned by the Church of Bible Understanding, which has been described by some as "a sect founded by a former vacuum-cleaner salesman."
Just thought you might want to know.


psternglass said...

They are a good outfit. I overlook the religion thing, it does not seem to come up when dealing with them.

Katia said...

The only reason I mention it is that we bought a salvaged mantle piece from them when they had a store on Atlantic Avenue years ago. We also paid for Olde Good Things to install it in our house. A very nice young man came to do the work and did a beautiful job. He told us that he had been a member of this religious group for quite a number of years but was trying to leave. However, he never got a salary for the work he had done for them in all that time and therefore was not sure how to break his relationship with the group
He subsequently did leave, but had to basically start with nothing, which was very difficult. We stayed in contact with him for a while and I was glad to see that he was able to get away.

David Paradis said...

I am a former member of that group, and for anyone who is interested, yes, it is an exploitative mind-controlling cult which supports a leader in a luxury compound in Florida, while his followers live in poverty and believe they will be selling their souls if they leave.

So, I can't tell anyone what to do with their money, but if it would bother you to support something like that, that is where your money would be going.

Anonymous said...

I also was a member of the group back in the 80's. It very nearly ruined my life and only by the grace of God was i able to excape with my sanity and my faith. Not everyone was so lucky. Many were ruined for life by the tremendous false guilt and other spiritual oppressions. For anyone who cares to learn more we have an expose website www.freefromthegrip.com you can check out if you wish. Most of it might not be easily understood by someone who was not in the group and even those who were in the group rarely want to fairly engage and discuss the falsehood and damage caused by this false group.