Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Reminder: Carroll Park Looking For Local Artists To Help Create Public Art Out Of Trash Cans


The deadline for submitting design ideas for Carroll Park's Trash Can project has been extended.  the new deadline is APRIL 6th.
Also, Friends of Carroll Park  just found out that they will be getting a donation of paint and brushes from a local paint company. So the material will be covered.Go ahead, send in you idea and help make our local park even prettier.

Exactly ten years ago, I was involved in a great project by Friends of Carroll Park, the non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers who keep our public space looking great.
In 2006, the Parks department replaced Carroll Park's trash cans with metal barrels that looked kind of drab, so FoCP put out a call to local artists to create art out of them. The response was overwhelming and the result was outstanding. We celebrated the success with a public unveiling of the cans, followed by a small ceremony. It was all very lovely.

Most of the cans have survived the elements all this time. Seeing them still makes me smile every time I walk across the park. Unfortunately, they have now begun to rust out and need to be replaced.
That is why Friends of Carroll Park is relaunching the project.

If you are a local artist or just a creative person who would like to give back to your community for the glory and joy of displaying your art in our public park, please submit a sketch of your design by Saturday, March 26.
FoCP will let you know by the following Wednesday, March 30 whether your design has been selected. You will have approximately one month after that date to get your work done. The unveiling ceremony is currently scheduled for Saturday, May 14.
Feel free to follow up with any questions you may have.


We’re looking for local artists to create a piece of public art using new trash cans. (The existing artist-painted cans in the park have lasted 9 years, but sadly they are now rusting through.)

You supply the talent, we supply a new 32-gallon metal barrel.

This is a great opportunity to give back to the community. Have fun, meet other artists and know that you have done something great for one of Brooklyn's oldest parks.

Interested? Let’s talk.
Friends of Carroll Park

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