Monday, May 16, 2016

At The Carroll Park Fair This Saturday: "La Brooklynoise", French Chic With Brooklyn Attitude

This Saturday, May 21, the hugely popular Carroll Park Fair will take place and, as in years past, will feature many small local artisans and businesses.  One such business is "La Brooklynoise", a line of adorable kids accessories created by Mélanie, a Carroll Gardens resident.
Make sure to stop and shop at Mélanie's spot during the fair.

Here is more information on "La Brooklynoise and Mélanie.
It all began in 2013, when Mélanie and her family were informed that they were going to be relocated from their beloved Paris for work. After the initial excitement came all the logistics of moving a family of four to a city that is six hours behind and 3,625 miles away.

They looked for a place to live, trying to find a spot that would fit their needs in this very different and exciting city that is called New York. The compromise between the New Yorker hustle and bustle and an European lifestyle was found in the tree-lined streets, brownstones and little local shops of Carroll Gardens.

Mélanie, a French native, who used to work as a corporate event planner for the French Tourism Office in Paris, had always loved textiles. What started like a creative hobby, making funky clothes and accessories for her two children, and later as original gifts for their friends, evolved into La Brooklynoise, her line of hand crafted clothing and accessories where the French touch meets the Brooklyn lifestyle.

Her whimsical, vibrant, and mostly personalized products, from colorful drawing sets for kid to hip totes for grown ups, are lovingly designed and assembled in her home atelier in Carroll Gardens.

If you are interested in getting yourself some French chic with a twist of Brooklyn attitude, you will find her this Saturday at the Carroll Park Fair and online at and at Etsy (


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That's a really really big plug. For baby clothes. N'est pas?