Tuesday, May 10, 2016

From Swan Dive To Pig Beach: Gowanus BBQ/ Beer Garden Getting Ready For Another Summer Season

Last summer, "Swan Dive", an outdoor BBQ and drinking garden next to the Green Building at 450-452 Union Street in Gowanus received a seasonal liquor license to operate from May to November. It proved to be a popular summer destination, mostly for drinks.
However, the food component of Swan Lake, named "Pig Beach", received harsh criticism almost from the start despite the involvement of Shane McBride, executive chef of Balthazar, Rob Shawger of Salty Rinse BBQ, Ed's Lobster owner Ed McFarland, and Matt Abdoo (chef de cuisine at Del Posto).
Gothamist mercilessly labeled it the "worst new BBQ place" in New York City."

Despite the harsh reviews, the food team has taken over the outdoor space next to the Gowanus Canal for the 2016 summer season. It has been officially renamed "Pig Beach."  A mural announcing the BBQ place was painted on the outside wall just recently.

According to its Twitter account, Pig Beach is poised to open "soon".  Are you looking forward to it?


Jimmy from Brooklyn said...

Pardon My Correction, but it was always "Pig Beach." http://gothamist.com/2015/06/09/bbq_pig_beach_gowanus.php#photo-1

Katia said...

As I mentioned in the post, the venue's name was Swan Dive. It was indicated at the front of the place with a neon sign.
Only the BBQ component was called Pig Beach.
There has been a switch in management and the people responsible for just the food last year have taken over the entire venue for the summer of 2016.
Therefore the name of the entire locale is being rebranded as Pig Beach.

Anonymous said...

Hahahah. I saw the talented painters doing the signage but had to keep walking by. Fast. The canal was especially pungent. How anyone could linger over a meal adjacent the canal now complete with half sunken boat is beyond me. Cart before the horse people. Such a total greedy joke.

Rob said...

You must be new to the neighborhood. Mr. Sunday had no problem attracting people just two block south on Carroll St.

Jimmy from Brooklyn said...

I meant that it was never "Big Beach" as you have it stated in the post.

Katia said...

Got it, Jim. Thanks for the edit.