Thursday, May 12, 2016

Kim Osborne, The Carroll Gardens Photographer Behind 'Dog Project Brooklyn'

Kim Osborne photographing a Brooklyn dog and its owner.
photo credit: Regina Kokoszka @reginakoko on Instagram
Eddie and Belle
photo by Kim Osborne, #dogprojectbrooklyn on Instagram
Elizabeth with Greyhound River
photo by Kim Osborne
Jason and his dog Pandora
photo by Kim Osborne
Kimberly with little Spencer
photo by Kim Osborne
Kishana with pup Kolbi
photo by Kim Osborne
Cristina and Damion with Nola
photo by Kim Osborne
Dog Specialists Gunni and Norma
photo by Kim Osborne

"Katia, do you know Kim Osborne?" I was asked by author and friend Jenna Leigh when I recently met her on Court Street. I told her that I had not yet had the pleasure. "Well, I must introduce you. You have a lot in common and you cover the same beat!" she answered.
A few days later, Jenna Leigh had made the introduction via email and shortly afterwards, Kim and I sat together at Henry's Local over a cup of coffee.

Indeed, both Kim and I share a lot in common such as our love for Carroll Gardens, for photography and for capturing special 'moments in time' witnessed on the street and around our neighborhood.  We both bring our cameras with us at all times lest we should miss an opportunity.
Kim's 'beat', however, has expanded to include most of Brooklyn as she pursues a wonderful project called Dog Project Brooklyn, which she began in early 2015.

Fascinated by the way people connect with their dogs, she tentatively began approaching owners and their pet on the streets of Brooklyn to ask if she could take their photograph.  She was relieved and delighted that people readily agreed and were eager to participate in her project.  Her first subject was Marquez and his rescued pit bull Baine, who she photographed in the Gowanus Housing Development. Another early subject was Jason with Pandora, the grey standard poodle 'with the great hair', who were one of Kim's inspiration for Dog Project Brooklyn.

Kim intended the project to be a fun, creative way to connect to others, something that would "make people happy and smile."  She began posting the photos on her @Dog Project Brooklyn page on  Instagram,  only including the name of the owner, the name of the dog, and its breed.

She soon began including the stories people shared about how their pet, came into their lives and what makes them special.  These stories illustrate the deep bond and love between human and dog.  Some of my favorites include Moxie, the pit bull/ shepherd  mix who accompanied her owner on a 400 mile bicycle trip.  Another particularly touching one is about River, the greyhound rescue  who once was used in races.  Then there is the story of  Bunk, the skateboarding English Bulldog.  And if you live in Carroll Gardens, you no doubt know about the Green Lady and her 'smiling' dog Dylan.

What shows through clearly in all of Kim's portraits is the deep bond and love between owner and dog.  Most importantly, they help connect us to some of the people in our own neighborhood and to the four-legged companions who make their lives a little brighter.
By sharing these photographs and stories, Kim makes all of ours a little brighter, too.


Anonymous said...

Yes. She's also photographed Wyatt the basset hound and others here in CG. If she got model releases signed she could publish a book whic I am sure people would buy. The stories are sometimes better that the Humans of New York thing.

Nats Nairehc said...

These are some great photos. I've actually been documenting the dogs (without their owners) of Caroll Gardens, Boerum Hill and Cobble Gardens for the past three years here -

My favorite is the grey poodle - once of the fanciest dogs in our neighborhood !