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Monday, May 02, 2016

Sadly, Sunday's 38th Annual Court Street Festival Was Mostly A Washout

photo credit: David Castillo

Sunday's damp and unseasonably cool weather sure put a damper on the 38th Annual Court Street Festival, which seemed to mostly be cancelled.  I must admit that I never made it to the fair, but friend and photographer David Castillo of Blue Barn Pictures ventured out with his family yesterday and reported that it was "dead" on Court Street.
David's photo above was taken between 3rd Place and 4th Place at 2 pm on Sunday.
It looks as though many vendors did not even bother showing up.
Did you stop by the festival?


Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a rain date? Is it a scheduling issue for the vendors who may already be committed to upcoming street fairs?

Anonymous said...

I bought a great quart of pickles! But yes, totally dead for the most part. I wanted to buy sunglasses but couldn't find a single shop.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:16, I imagine the logistics of shutting down a major street doesn't get a 2nd chance due to rain. I was bummed, I always enjoy the Court St Fair. I still strolled down and was surprised at the number of vendors that didn't even bother.

Anonymous said...

This venue needs to change its vibe. It's not the San Genero festival. Needs taco trucks and doughnuts and better stuff for kids.
I never go.

John said...

Who benefits from these things?

Anonymous said...

It is put on by the Gowanus Canal CDC for decades now, Buddy's group.