Thursday, May 26, 2016

'The Danish Café' Opening Soon On Smith Street

Amidst the many recent closings on Smith Street in the past few months, it is nice to report on a new eatery, which is settling in.
"The Danish Café" will be opening its doors at 138 Smith Street, which had previously been occupied by White Oak and Apartment.
According to the web site, the owners, Lone & Claudi, are a danish couple from a small island in
Denmark called Bornholm.  It is the second outpost for The Danish Café. The first one is located in Red Bank, New Jersey. Lone & Claudi's  story:
"We have during the years spent a lot of holidays in the US and has come to love the country and its people. It may seem as a big step, and it sure is, but when we had the opportunity to follow our dream
of living in the US, we gladly took it. We have a background of running a hotel in Denmark and even though  it is a totaly different country, we have many things in common. We wanted to present a piece of Denmark to the american people and hen the idea of a danish cafe' came up.
Now we hope, that you, our costumers, will like what we have to offer and
​look forward to welcome you in The Danish Cafe

The café will offer breakfast lunch and dinner as well as week-end brunch.  The menu includes baked goods, sandwiches and wraps and there will be a bar.

The concept is simple, but it may just work on Smith Street if the prices are reasonable. What do you think?


Agnes said...

Reasonable prices and good tasty quality would be great. and it's nice to support the coupl's dream!

Anonymous said...

Smith Street needs some places with reasonable prices.

Biraz Turk said...

Small privately owned business that caters to the neigborhood. Sounds good to me. At least it's not a Chain Store or another nail salon.

chance bliss said...

i love that the couple comes from bornholm. that bodes well. it's a lovely island in denmark that sits at the heart of the country's herring industry. geologically, it's in the baltic, closer to to mainland sweden than to denmark, and was a strategic point of contention during world war II, when the germans attacked it, and then the russians occupied it for a number of years after the war.

it's a half-days journey from copenhagen - by bus into sweden and then by ferry, which means that it doesn't get too many tourists, except in the height of the summer.

as for the food, there's a lot of herring, flounder, plaice, shrimp, lobster, trout and, best of all, lumpfish caviar - which, in denmark, is generally first available in late march. serving the caviar on a dollop of creme fraiche, which sits on top of tiny pancake is definitely a rite of spring.

bornholm is also the birthplace of the kadeau, which has its main branch in copenhagen. kadeau is one of the world's best restaurants, as defined by michelin.

i look forward to trying it out. hopefully, they'll serve a variety of smørrebrød (open-faced sandwiches) and homemade bread as well.

Lone said...

Hi out there. We have now been open since August 8. and we can tell you that we have all the things you have asked for: home baked bread, open faced sandwiches and herring, salmon and much more. All our food is made in house and as much as possible organic. We originally planned to call the restaurant The Danish Cafe & Restaurant but that name was a little to long so we named the restaurant after the island in Denmark where we are from - Bornholm. Wee look forward to adding something new to this great Brooklyn location.