Wednesday, June 01, 2016

People In The Neighborhood: Jerry And His "Bathtub Roses" Of Carroll Street

"You should take a photo of the bathtub roses on Carroll Street," local resident Jerry Maresca told me when he saw me with my camera in Carroll Park last week-end. Intrigued, I asked him to tell me more.  "I planted a tangerine and a yellow rose in an old bathtub I moved  in front of my house years ago.  They are blooming beautiful right now," he explained.
Of course, I asked Jerry if he would show them to me, so he took me to the house which has been in his family since 1927. He proudly showed off his roses, which are, indeed, spectacular.  It made me smile that he had planted plenty of basil to last through the summer amidst the roses.

Jerry also pointed out a lovely pink rose bush in a raised planter in front of the house.  "I bought this one in 1965 for my mother at the A & P on Court Street, where the CVS is now.  It cost $1.29."

Obviously, Jerry has a way with roses, whether they are planted in an old cast iron claw foot tub or directly in the ground.  Thanks for showing them to us, Jerry.

PS: Jerry mentioned that he decorates his front yard tub ever Christmas.  I told him that I took a picture of it last December, which seemed to please hi.m
This is for you, Jerry.

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