Thursday, June 16, 2016

Picture Of The Day: Martinez On Court

Sandwiches, Coffee, Ice Cream and flowers.
One of the few remaining neighborhood delis owned by some of the loveliest people.
Martinez Deli
370 Court Street 
across from Carroll Park


Teri said...

We ❤️ Victor + perfect avocados ~ every time!

Anonymous said...

Victor's name is Nelson, not Victor.

Nats Nairehc said...

We buy our flowers every spring from them!

Anonymous said...

They're the best in the neighborhood, hands down.
This past Christmas, they sold the perfect tree, reasonably priced, delivered up three flights, and even assisted righting it.
And a good deli cat, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes, one of the last. I remember when he was up Court St in Cobble Hill years back. When my friends who grew up in "the neighborhood" were kids, he sold them "loosies" and beer. I'm sure that doesn't happen any longer. All in all, this guy and his family have always been incredibly hard working, nice people.

Anonymous said...

I've always been lucky enough to live with a corner deli/bodega in 25 years of NYC, but none has come close to Martinez. Nelson and his family are wonderful people who stock only the best most carefully chosen fruit and flowers (& all the groceries too)--and Christmas trees fresher and cheaper than the F train guys'. Also, much as I love our felines, Mars is the best of all cats. Ask Nelson for a postcard --the Bodega Cats blog guy "did" Mars--though the drawing doesn't do him justice. Our girl cat is quite besotted--they flirt through the window.