Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Here Is Something New! Paddle Boarding On The Gowanus

(photo credit: Brian Stuss)

This amazing photo was taken yesterday by PMFA reader Brian Stuss. Brian writes:
"I snapped this last eve walking back from Whole Foods. The brave guy is barefoot."
Many have canoed in this polluted waterway. We have even seen a very daring swimmer attempt to swim the entire length of this EPA Superfund, but someone on a paddle board may be a first.

Only in Gowanus, folks!


MrsSam said...

Now that's just crazy!

Margaret said...

Riverkeeper has a video of the canal conditions, the toxicity. It is what you cannot see that is the most dangerous. People beware.

Owen Foote said...

First SUP on Gowanus was 3 years ago, see:

We hope to have plenty of recreational boaters on Gowanus next summer once 2nd St. launch reopens!