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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

People Of Carroll Gardens: Meet Tracie Matthews Of 'Intuitive Motion Pilates'


Getting to know and introducing people in Carroll Gardens is one of the great pleasures of writing a neighborhood blog. Be it a new business owner, a local artist or a volunteer who is organizing a fun event, it is always wonderful when neighbors connect to each other.

Today, I would like to introduce you to Tracie Matthews, a Master Pilates Trainer, who offers personalized Pilates training and Somatic Movement Education sessions in her studio in Carroll Gardens.

Tracie moved to the neighborhood right out of college in 1994 and began a career as a producer for the television and film industries. Introduced to Pilates by a former roommate, she became a certified trainer, mostly for self-fulfillment. However, the events of September 2001 made her reassess her career choice. In 2003, she opened her first studio in Carroll Gardens and has been working one-on-one with clients ever since.

Some of her clients have been coming to her for years and have become friends. "My work has created a beautiful community for me," Tracie told me when I recently met her for a cup of coffee.
"I love what I do."
As a Pilates trainer and Somatic Movement Educator, she integrates the material to meet clients where they are, to improve posture, strength, flexibility, as well as manage chronic pain and improve overall movement wellbeing.
"It is a real collaboration between me and my clients," Tracie explained. For her, that means really listening to her clients and their needs. "The more I know you, the more I can help, because you are an expert on yourself."

If you would like to try a private Pilates training or a Certified Dynamic Embodiment Movement Education sessions, you will find all the information on Tracie's web site here.
Tracie would like to offer $20 off a first session to those who mention this PMFA post.
So, don't hesitate to contact her.


Anonymous said...

I guess all I really have to ask is where is that faux french cafe?

Katia said...

Right on Henry Street in the neighborhood.

Editor said...

It's The coffee shop Henry's Local

Katia said...

That's it.