Thursday, December 15, 2016

Jewelry Designer Monica Castiglioni Opens First US Store On Court Street

Italian designer Monica Castiglioni just opened a small showroom at 268 Court Street between Kane and DeGraw Street. It is her first store in this country, though she has spent much time living and working in Brooklyn.  The store features Castiglioni's stunning jewelry made of solid bronze using an ancient lost- wax casting technique.  Her work is quite unique and some of her smaller pieces are rather affordable.
According to a press release
A new shop from Milanese designer Monica Castiglioni opens its doors on Court Street in Brooklyn just in time for holiday shopping, giving New Yorkers access to her striking, sculptural line of jewelry and accessories. The 1000 square foot retail store, gallery and event space is located in the historic neighborhood of Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.
The daughter of Achille Castiglioni, a renowned Italian industrial designer, Monica is a jewelry artist, photographer, sculptor and graphic designer. Embracing an aesthetic that is both sculptural and organic, much of Castiglioni’s work is solid bronze and is cast in NY and Italy, using a lost-wax technique. Other materials include silver, felt, Pyrex and 3D printed nylon. Often the organic shapes that manifest in her work are representative of flower pistils, a source of inspiration for Castiglioni who is drawn to the juxtaposition of order and chaos represented in the flower’s biology. Fine craftsmanship and a deep understanding of proportion and materiality are evident in her broad range of work, which is collected by tastemakers across the globe.
Castiglioni splits her time between New York and her native Milan, where she opened the first shop dedicated to her own work in 2010. With select pieces available at design stores across the US, including at the Cooper Hewitt and the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, the opening of the Brooklyn showroom provides a first opportunity for New Yorkers to see her full collection in one place and to purchase in person. With hundreds of styles and shapes on display, shoppers will have the chance to create personalized and distinctive jewelry “sculptures”.

Through December, the showroom is open seven days a week from 11:00am-7:00pm.
Starting January 2017, it will be open by appointment on Mondays and Tuesdays and from 11:00am – 7:00pm Wednesday through Sunday.

So if you still need a gift for that special person in your life, make sure to visit. And if someone runs into my husband on Court Street, could you please drop a hint that I would love one of the rings?


Agnes said...

I'd like one of her rings, also! Hope Mr. PMFA gets the hint and you get one, Katia!

Anonymous said...

Lost wax is a typical technique. Using a centrifuge. It's quite common. An expensive jewelry boutique is the last thing this neighborhood needs.
Looks nice but this ain't madison avenue.

Katia said...

Me, too, Agnes. Happy Holidays to you and to your family.

Gowanee said...

6:52 lost wax is a very time consuming and intricate process. It takes tremendous skill, always has, and produces exquisite results in the hands of an artisan. It's nice to welcome quality hand-made jewelry to the neighborhood. The demographics here support it as well. Good luck and best wishes Ms. Castiglioni.

Katia said...

As always, Gowanee, you took the words right out of my mouth.
New York City and Brooklyn need artists and artisans much more than they need another chain store.