Wednesday, January 18, 2017

A Moment Back In Time: Bond Street at 1st Street Not So Very Long Ago

(photo credit: Ben Ustinov)

Here is a blast from the past! Gowanus resident Ben Ustinov shared a photo he took six years ago and was nice enough to share with PMFA readers.
Ben writes:
"I took this picture six years ago at the corner of bond and 1st Street, long before Lightstone. Someone came up with a creative way to deal with all the sad Christmas tree waste that lines our streets every January. Thought you might enjoy it."

It prompted me to search my own files, and I found more photos of the original brick building that stood at this corner before the Lightstone Development went up at 363 Bond Street and 365 Bond Street. How quickly things have changed in just a few years the neighborhood....
Call me crazy, but I miss it.
 The way things were in Gowanus not so very long ago.
Bond Street at First Street looking towards the Gowanus Canal, 2012
The same intersection in late 2016 with the new developments
 at 363 Bond Street on the left and 365 Bond Street on the right


Anonymous said...

I miss this. It was quiet. I have many photos also. :( Did this block ever get their parking soaces back?

Anonymous said...

This is Bond and 2nd Street, not 1st. That corner and block was a major illegal dumping site for years, a rat haven. The 365 Bond side of the block is now tidy and pleasant. We are just waiting for the owners of some the commercial properties across 2nd to do something about their derelict sidewalks. We've filed a complaint with 311 and there's an investigation, hopefully both sides of the block will be lovely soon.