Thursday, January 05, 2017

A Year Later, "Most Sophisticated New Construction Townhouse In Carroll Gardens" Still Looking For Buyer


181 President Street Floorplan

It would appear that the newly constructed one-family dwelling at 181 President Street between Henry and Clinton Streets is still on the market after nearly a year. 

Marketed as "the most sophisticated new construction townhouse in Carroll Gardens" for $9 million on its very own web site, the new 5 bedrooms, 3.5 baths four-story building, which includes a cellar and two garages on street level, was placed on the market at the beginning of 2016.
A "final preview opportunity" was given to potential buyers this past September.

The web site still lists the Aguayo Team at Halstead Property Development Marketing as listing agent.  A "final preview opportunity" was given to potential buyers this past September.

Construction on this project began in February 2014. NYC Department of Buildings records indicated that it was originally filed as conversion and vertical enlargement of an existing one story garage building to a one-family. The building was designed by Ramy Issac of Issac and Stern Architects, PC.

Does anyone think 181 President Street will find a buyer at this price? Do you think there is a market for such big one family home in Carroll Gardens? One block from the Brooklyn Queens Expressway?

Lot at 181 President Street as seen in February 2014


Il Presidente said...

Are those curb cuts legal or illegal I wonder and if legal, how so?

Katia said...

I would think that they used the old curb cuts from the garage and claimed them as 'grandfathered'.

Optimo said...

Worried bout curb cuts? Oy

Anonymous said...

The curb cut actually doesn't even match up with the garage doors. I also Noticed that someone planted tropical plants at the entrance. Why tropicals? Probably frozen by now. (I walked by recently)
Such sloppy curb appeal for such an exclusive property. And actually it's no closer to the BQE than anything else around there. It's not directly adjacent but one could still hear the trench. Maybe that's the whole idea. To be able to get your limo in and out of the area as quickly as possible. All kidding aside, it's not that bad and I'd like it to be open so average people can see inside. But it might have been a better idea to have been a multi family.

Anonymous said...

Over-priced and probably over-improved. When you can buy a huge brownstone on First Place (b/w clinton and henry) for $5.9 million... Similar square footage, better location, better curb appeal. Is the curb cut worth $3 million?


CC said...

Yet another nail in the Carroll Gardens coffin. So opulent and out of step with the place.

Rio said...

Opulent? Institutional more like it.

zsk said...

I'm going to spend $9 million on a home that has the laundry two floors down from my bedrooms, and doesn't even have side-by-side parking in its "multi-car garage" (where "multi" actually means "two."

Yeah, right.

kgspam001 said...

Well at least it isn't right next to the BQE and asking 5.1 million... because that would be crazy...

Katia said...

Taxes are $0 a month. Am I reading this right?