Tuesday, January 03, 2017

California Franchise 'We Olive' Calls It Quits on Smith Street In Brooklyn

'We Olive' on Smith Street in 2015 
(photo credit: We Olive and Wine Bar Brooklyn)
What may work in California, doesn't necessarily work in Brooklyn. Take for example We Olive, a small California franchise that opened its first Brooklyn location in early 2015. Less then two years later, it closed its doors.
The store at 116 Smith Street sold domestic olive oil, balsamic vinegars, tapenades, mustards, as well as pestos and featured a bar that served California wines, beers and small plates.

With lots of specialty food stores selling wonderful olive oils in the immediate area, one wonders how the place was able to make it even that long.
(Those who really are into cooking probably know that Sahadi's on Atlantic Avenue is a much better source for olive oil and that Trader Joe's California Olive Oil is highly rated and the best value overall.)

Rather than an "olive oil experience" or another overpriced boutique, local residents are pining for something more down to earth, like a great greengrocer on Smith Street.
Until commercial rents come down on Smith Street, that seems unlikely.

For those readers keeping track, 116 Smith Street was occupied by Lunetta, a Mediterranean eatery.
Where do you buy your olive oil?


She who is not named said...

Do these places do any market research? It seemed pretty obvious to anybody who lives here that it would not be sustainable.

Katia said...

My thoughts exactly. Smith Street, nor Court Street, is ideal for this type of business.

Anonymous said...

these franchises have nothing to lose. the loss is a tax write off. all at the community's expense. time for a BID.