Thursday, January 12, 2017

From PMFA's Inbox: Please Help Lost Injured Dog Spotted In Carroll Gardens

PMFA has just received an email by local resident Chloe regarding a small injured dog that has been spotted in the neighborhood. Chloe writes:

Hi Katia,
My sister, who also lives in the neighborhood, tried to help a lost/stray/escaped and injured dog this morning, but wasn't able to hold on to him. She's pretty torn up about it, so we're trying to spread the word. I'm also posting this info on the Boerum Hill list serve and Bococa Parents list serves, but thought I'd send to you in case you are able to post or recommend other neighborhood resources. Below is the email she sent to our dogwalker, Paws & Rec.

Hi Jennifer,

When I was out walking Puddle this morning, I saw a small dog running down Butler street. He wasn't on a leash and didn't have a collar. I ran after him for a few blocks and when I caught up with him, I saw that his legs were bloody. 

I called 311 and animal control, but while I was calling, he sprinted away and I completely lost him. I searched all around the neighborhood. The only thing that brings me comfort is that there was another young woman also helping to catch him and she continued to follow him when I was on my phone. 

Anyway, I pray that somebody else picked him up before he got more hurt. I feel terrible that I couldn't keep up with him. I just wanted to let you know in case you may know someone missing a dog or if you hear more about him. 

I didn't have the wherewithall to take a photo, but he looked sort of like a puggle. About 25-30 pounds with a tan coat and dark brown face, with some gray whiskers (not a puppy). He looked healthy aside from his legs, which were bleeding (I couldn't get close enough to see what was causing the bleeding). He growled a little when I got close, but not because he was threatening me, more because he was scared and vulnerable. 

If I think of anything else I'll let you know, but it's totally heartbreaking and I just wanted to let you know in case someone in your dog network had more info. 


Please, if you live in the area, keep an eye out for this little dog.  And if you have any further information, please pass it along.
Let us hope that he will get the help he needs and can hopefully be reunited with his owner, if he has one.

Over on PMFA's Facebook page, reader Rob just told us the great news that the dog was reunited with his owner.

Rob reports:
"A number of good samaritans were involved in quietly coaxing the dog over to them, getting the dog on a leash, and then getting in contact with the owner who then took the dog to the vet to address the wounds on his paws."

Love this and love this neighborhood.


RRR said...

Dog was found and returned to owner. As FYI when you see a lost dog, ACC should be last resort as they euthanize unclaimed animals. First post to Lost and Found Pets Brooklyn FB and FIDO facebook, and if you can't keep the dog yourself, bring to Sean Casey, Badass, or another local rescue.

Katia said...

Wonderful news and great advice. Do you have any additional information?