Wednesday, January 04, 2017

'Loving Pet Food': Another Day, Another Closing On Smith Street

I am sorry for starting 2017 with news of closings on Smith Street, but the sheer number of empty storefronts on this once vibrant local shopping street seems to have accelerated in the past few months.
It is depressing and discouraging.
Not closed quite yet, but preparing for closure is "Loving Pet Food" at 145 Smith Street, a small locally owned business that has served many pet owners in the neighborhood.
Currently, the merchandise in the store is marked down 50%.

Whether the closure is due to rising rent, or competition from a Petsmart, which opened just a few blocks away on Atlantic Avenue, or simply the result of people choosing to order online rather than to buy locally, it represents yet another loss for our community.

Will you miss Loving Pet Food? Where do you shop for your pet?


Donald said...

This store has been shut for months. If it has suddenly reopened to sell off the remaining merchandise, I would advise carefully checking the expiration date of any food you purchase there. I was a frequent shopper there but they had a terrible time keeping things in stock, would promise that the food you wanted would "be in stock on Thursday" and never was. I found more reliable places to shop.

Katia said...

Thanks for the warning, Donald.

Becky said...

Love Thy Pet on Union. Chris is the best!! Free delivery in the area! Santa photos with your pet! I love that place so much.

Anonymous said...

This store will not be missed. Went in for Nature's Variety frozen dog food, but when they didn't have the size I needed, the guy said they were sold out and it would be in at the end of the week. Went in a week later, guy said he forgot to order it and it would be in at the end of the week. Went in a week later, and you can speculate why it was my last visit.

JMW said...

I agree, Love Thy Pet on Union is the best all around!

Anonymous said...

I'm worried for Beastly Bite!