Wednesday, January 11, 2017

"The Watershed": A New Bar Opens On South End Of Court Street

A reader alerted us to the fact that a new bar called "The Watershed" just opened on what he calls the "forgotten side of Court Street",  near the Brooklyn Queens Express Overpass.
The new business opened at 517 Court Street in the space that was formerly occupied by Teafee, a local tea and coffee spot that closed its doors this past April after only three years in business.
There is not much information about The Watershed on its web site, nor on its Facebook page, except for the fact that it will be hosting trivia nights.

The on-premises liquor license application was submitted to the State Liquor Authority on behalf of Bayne Capital, Inc. Community Board 6's Permits and Licenses Committee recommended the approval of the license in July 2016.
The applicant mentioned to the committee that the new establishment will serve snacks, but will not have a kitchen.
(It is interesting to note, according to CB6's meeting minutes, that the applicant claimed that Teafee had kept the same hours as the new bar proposed. I cannot imagine that Teafee was open till 4 am on a Saturday? Also, the applicant apparently told members of the committee that the previous business was "a coffee place with a liquor license." Did Teafee ever serve liquor? I don't remember.)

Have you visited The Watershed yet?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for highlighting this bar which opened on the forgotten side of Court. Teaffee did serve wine towards the middle of their tenure, but not sure about beer. The sign on the outside drives me crazy. Is it supposed to be circular or not? It's totally misshapen and it is an eyesore. They are going to need to do something that makes them stand out. No food, no cocktail menu yet, random location...

I wish we had Teaffee back. I miss those guys so much-- the sweet staff, decent pastries, and delicious coffee and tea.

Tiffany said...

While I agree they'll need something to make them stand out, I disagree that it's a "random location." Aperture (Italian), Slowteria (Mexican) and El Mate (Argentinian) are right across the street. All three of those restaurants are lovely and worth walking an extra few blocks. A place to go have a cocktail after dinner is a welcome addition. If you haven't tried this end of court street, give it a try. You won't be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Place looks super nice. Wishing the owners all the best!

lynchly said...

This is a general comment. I just want to thank you for this blog. I grew up in Flushing on Sanford Avenue and 147th Street. It was the greatest place in the world to live as a kid. Your blog recreates the feel of a neighborhood like mine. I love the photographs and the neighborhood news. Thanks again, Lee Lynch

Katia said...

That is the kindest comment, Lee. Thank you so much for reaching out. Put a big smile on my face.

Anonymous said...

Dropped in the day after they opened -- nice crew, chatted with the owner, who said he and his partners owned a couple of other spots in Brooklyn. A bit generic looking, kind of an "old man bar" vibe, which is cool with me, but has the same design and space use issues Teaffee did -- maybe it's the long, narrow space.

Unknown said...

Happy hour?