Monday, January 23, 2017

Wait, There Is One New Opening On Smith Street.....Cay Spa

Amidst the many store closings on Smith Street, there occasionally is a business opening.
A little more than a week ago, a reader pointed out a new back rub and reflexology place at 219 Smith Street in Boerum Hill called "Cay Spa." A sign outside advertises an offer of 60 minutes massage for $45.

One hopes that this is one of the legal back rub places as opposed to Tao, Inc, the very sketchy one just a few blocks away at 257 Smith Street, which offered additional services that were very questionable. It closed overnight after questions about the place arose.
In any case, one has to wonder how a back rub place expects to make it on a commercial stretch that has seen so many businesses fail in the past two years and where rents are still relatively high.

Have you gotten a massage here yet?


Jake said...

Conspiracy theory: Cay Spa is Tao Inc. with new, better signage.

Katia said...

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

I got a massage there yesterday and found it clean and professional. The space is actually quite nice for one of those inexpensive massage places. The staff was friendly. Can't say I LOVED the actual massage but I didn't detect a whiff of funny business.

Katia said...

Anonymous, thanks for letting us know. That's re-assuring.

Anonymous said...

The insinuation that this new business might be involved in illegal activities--just because another business in the same industry a few blocks away was--is totally unfair to the new owners who more than likely have no knowledge of or relationship with Tao. We should be grateful that some attempts are being made at opening new businesses in these empty storefronts, whether or not you think the venture is a financially wise one.