Friday, February 10, 2017

A Wonderful Story About A Boy, A Lamb, Kindness, And Our Amazing Community

(photo credit: Casey M.)

A few days ago,  my friend Carolina made me aware of a posting on the BoCoCa Parent Yahoo Group.  It was written by Ben, a neighborhood father, and was so cute that I asked him if I could share it here on PMFA.  His response? "Sure thing!" So here it is:

Hello fellow parents,

With all the dispiriting news these days, I thought it would be nice to share a quick, uplifting story that speaks to the general awesomeness of our community and the incredible kindness of the folks in this neighborhood.

Last week, we realized that a favorite stuffed lamb hadn't made the trip home from the playground. After retracing our steps and searching the neighborhood, our son Elliot decided to draw up a "missing" poster with all of Lamby's details (not a real lamb; does not have a name tag) and put it up near our house. On Friday, we came home to a package from Amazon addressed to Elliot. Inside was an even cuter stuffed lamb and a note that read: "Hi Elliot, We saw your poster in the neighborhood. Sorry you can't find Lamby. Hopefully this guy can help :) From, your neighbors." Elliot was thrilled (and my wife and I were practically bawling).

So, anonymous neighbor, thank you! Thank you for the lamb, who we promise will be very well loved. More importantly, thank you for reminding us how lucky we are to be a part of this amazing community and for showing such incredible kindness at a time when it feels especially important to be kind to one another. We are going to find many creative ways to pay this forward!

Ben (Elliot's Dad)

Isn't this just awesome?  That is one special lamb and one very kind neighbor.
Thank you so much for sharing, Ben, and for reminding us that we are, indeed, very lucky!
Let us all be a better neighbor today.


Jim said...

That's the part of Brooklyn I miss.

Becky said...

Maybe this means the hamster will show up too!

pbwiener said...

Quite incredible - virtually the same exact thing happened with us about 23 years ago, right there, except we never did get the lamb (Baa) back. We thought my daughter would be traumatized, but she put it behind her and recovered quickly. Perhaps there's a lamb graveyard around there where hundreds of lost lambies are waiting to return to their childhood sweethearts.

Anonymous said...

Love this.

carinagirl said...

I really needed this feel good story. Thank you!