Monday, February 20, 2017

Brooklyn Workshop Gallery On Hoyt Street Is Having An Art Sale (And A Bit Of A Fundraiser) This Week

(photo credit: Brooklyn Workshop Gallery)
For the past few years, the Brooklyn Workshop Gallery, a semi-collective atelier space at 393 Hoyt Street, has been an oasis for creative adults and children here in Carroll Gardens. The community is quite lucky to have such a wonderful space and arts programing right here in the neighborhood.
If you have never visited the gallery, may we suggest that you do so this week?

Currently, Brooklyn Workshop Gallery is having a sale (as well as a bit of a fundraiser) and is open every day this week.  From director Martine Bisagni:

It's that time of year when we clean out the drawers and raise monies for operating funds and our free programs. We invite you to come by, see the art and consider a purchase. There's so much that is so very beautiful. The artists and the children have made so much beautiful work. Fund-raising is to ensure that we can continue to offer free art days through the remainder of our time here.

Some of you are aware that it is most likely our last year in Brooklyn as our Hoyt Street lease ends late summer. We've started quite a few things we would like to finish and somethings we just want to continue that we know work so well (like free art days).

This spring we are hoping to sponsor a residency for a master basket weaver, our continued weaving open studio
as well as outreach and off-site art days.

Please consider a donation to one of our projects. You can donate through our website
or you can come and talk to me about which project we do that you value the most.

Among other projects, we offer free art afternoons on Saturday for OPEN STUDIO and

Do contact us if you are interested in helping. If you have ideas about how we could or should continue, we welcome hearing from you.

This is our first appeal for public donations. Should you be interested in donating, you may do so on our web-site through PayPal. Please know our appreciation for your time, your purchase or donation. There is so much we would like to do before we leave, so much that we would like to continue...

Monday - Friday 1 - 8
Saturday and Sunday 12 - 7

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