Monday, February 13, 2017

"Don't Help A CEO Buy A New Yacht": Beastly Bites On Court Street Reminds Community To Shop Locally

You may be tempted to purchase your pet's food and accessories at Pet Smart on Atlantic Avenue or place an order on Amazon, but that would hurt the family-owned pet shops in our neighborhood.

The owner of Beastly Bites at 155 Court Street near Pacific Street in Cobble Hill would like to remind you that shopping locally helps keep shop owners right here in the community. A sign in the store's window makes the argument that buying from this business, which has been in the community for over 40 years, will help a family father support his children instead of "helping a CEO buy a second summer home or a new yacht."

That is true. This would not be a real neighborhood without our locally owned shops. Let us make an effort to keep them in business.
What is your favorite local shop?


Unknown said...

They provide same day delivery, very convenient.

Katia said...

Thanks for letting us know, Jennifer.

Alison said...

I always buy from them! Such friendly staff.

Anonymous said...

Good stuff need to buy local mom and pop . Smith street looks really depressing it's no longer filled with great restaurants just vacant storefronts or soon to be vacancy's and the sidewalks are filthy . Would it hurt to power wash your sidewalks. Owners?

Anonymous said...

@7:38, I walked down Smith Street Friday around 2pm, what a depressing state of affairs. 10 closures/empty storefronts on one block.

alexa said...

one of the ruddest shop owners i've ever encountered - i'll buy the gas for the yacht