Wednesday, February 08, 2017

NYU Langone Cobble Hill Offers Full-Service Emergency Care To South Brooklyn Community

NYC Langone Medical Center Cobble Hill at 83 Amity Street, corner of Hicks Street
Doctor David Barlas, the Chief of Service at NYU Langone Cobble Hill Emergency Center
with Sara Ostolaza, Community Coordinator
Long Island Hospital, the health facility that served the South Brooklyn for over 150 years, is long gone, but its former emergency room is still serving the community as before.
In 2014, NYU Langone Medical Center took over the emergency room at 83 Amity Street, invested five million dollars, and opened the NYU Langone Cobble Hill Emergency Department, which provides care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for walk-in visits and ambulances.

Doctor David Barlas, the Chief of Service for the Cobble Hill Center gave members of Community Board 6 and Community Board 2 a tour of the facility yesterday. The center can easily accommodate 100 patients in need of urgent care. Adults and children are treated by Board Certified emergency physician and nurses and most are able to be discharged to their home. Those who require hospital admission will be stabilized before being transported by ambulance to a receiving hospital of the patients choice, including NYU Lutheran, which can provide Level 1 trauma care or NYU Langone’s Tisch Hospital in Manhattan.

The Cobble Hill Center provides in-house imaging services, an on-site laboratory, and a satellite pharmacy, which means test results can be read promptly and medication administered immediately.
In short, doctors here can diagnose and treat patients with all types of emergencies just like any hospital emergency room.

NYU Langone has big plans for its Cobble Hill location. Construction of a brand new 4-story, 125,000 square foot outpatient facility will begin soon at 339 Hicks Street at the corner of Atlantic Avenue. (Its main entrance will be on Atlantic Avenue.) It will have a staff of 400 medical professionals, which will include up to 70 physicians In addition to the current services, the new building will be equipped with a surgical suite for outpatient procedures, primary and specialty care medical practices and a Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center.

So keep NYU Langone Cobble Hill in mind if you are in need of emergency treatment. The center's website updates the waiting time every five minutes, so that you know exactly how long it will take before you will be seen by a physician. On this Wednesday morning at 11 am, the wait time is 3 minutes. That is pretty great.

339 Hicks Street at Atlantic Avenue, where NYU Langone Cobble Hill's brand new, larger emergency center will soon rise.  Its estimated completion date is 2018.


Anonymous said...

I took my child there for stitches recently and there was no wait, it was clean, and the doctor and nurses were friendly and attentive. Not the experience we had when we brought our child to LICH a few years go with something much more serious.

Anonymous said...

Bad hospital; two unsafe emergency visits; NYU Cobble Hill and its parent hospital refuse to disclose medical information, amend false medical record and more. NYU Cobble Hill is to be avoided.

Willet W. said...

Ah, Katia, only in New York would patience be considered a condition requiring emergency treatment.

Otherwise, I fear that NYU Langone Cobble Hill is probably incapable of remedying wayward autocorrection, which can of course inflict as much moral damage as any physical ailment.

Katia said...

Good catch, Willet. Glad someone is actually reading my posts instead of just looking at the photos.
Thanks for the edit.

Anonymous said...

I had a great experience at this ER. Went on a Wednesday around 5 p.m. One other patient was ahead of me -- we actually walked in together, her slightly ahead of me. Once I described my issue, I waited for less than 10 minutes to be taken out of the (empty) waiting room. I had a feminine issue so was given a private room. Walked by maybe 3 other patients in beds. A longish but reasonable wait for a doctor. Because he was a man and my issue was, again, feminine and kind of unusual, a female nurse stayed in the room to assist. Everyone was polite, kind, relaxed. We are lucky to have NYU Langone nearby, it's a great hospital. Emergency visits sometimes require follow-ups; I'd rather have those follow-ups in the NYU network than LICH/SUNY Downstate.

Anonymous said...

NYU Langone Cobble Hill Emergency is a poor excuse for an emergency department and should be avoided. Avaricious monopoly parent hospital NYU Langone covered up near miss malpractice; ER MD physician misconduct, malfeasance and maintains a false medical record after being compensated for services never provided with patient rights violation and more. The ER physician staff is incompetent and not to be trusted; the hospital cultivates a disingenous public veneer (Made for New York PR) to get business. Don't be fooled by this medical facility and NYU Langone- when a serious complaint is lodged, the hospital denies and defends bad physicians with a litigious culture and no regard for patient care.

Anonymous said...

How is it deemed full-service when tey do not staff a cardiologist on site!

Better off heading across the bridge or Brooklyn Hospital instead and avoid at all costs.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ooh, tell us more.