Thursday, February 16, 2017

Picture(s) Of The Day: A Hawk's Snowy Lunch

(photo credit: Linda Mariano)

Today's picture of the day was taken by my very good friend Linda.  She happened to look out of her rear window today and was surprised to see a hawk consuming what looked like a pigeon in her snowy back yard.  That surely does not happen every day.

I first thought this was a peregrine falcon, but was quickly corrected by some readers who identified it as a hawk.

Thanks Linda for sharing.


Anonymous said...

i saw that bird last week on a clothes line pole in my backyard (Sackett bet Court & Clinton)

Anothersemolina said...

Looks like a Cooper's hawk -- or maybe a sharp-shinned hawk? The two are similar, but I'd say Cooper's.

Anonymous said...

I saw this bird also. Wednesday. Sitting in the sun in a tree behind buildings on Union street

Anonymous said...

Hawk, not a falcon.

Katia said...

OK. Hawk it is. Thanks for everyone's input. Will correct the post accordingly.