Monday, February 06, 2017

Strange Nighttime Activity In Carroll Gardens Backyard Area Leads To Arrest Of Burglary Suspect

Carroll Gardens has always been one of the safest neighborhoods in New York City, but even so, crimes do occur.  This past week, as a resident reports, a strange incident involving several people jumping fences in the backyard area of 3rd Street between Smith and Hoyt Streets lead to at least one arrest by the 76th Precinct.

The Carroll Gardens resident writes:
Dear Katia:
I wanted to let you know about some strange activity, including the arrest of a person wanted for burglary, over the past week in Carroll Gardens. I wondered if you had heard of any other incidents in the neighborhood? I’ve been here 15 years and have never had people jumping fences in our back yards before…

We live on the south side of 3rd Street between Smith and Hoyt and last Tuesday at 10:30 I awoke to several people running in my backyard and scrambling up to our deck to get to the fire escape and go to the roof. Needless to say it was terrifying to have 5-8 people running in my yard at that hour.

The police arrived and it turns out the suspects had run across other backyards up and down the block. The cops caught and arrested a person who had been wanted for several burglaries. He did not have anything on him at the time. Neighbors report seeing between 5-18 people in my yard, some of whom looked liked teenagers. There are oddities, one person had no shoes and the next morning I found a pair of pants in my yard, size 4 Zara Woman’s.

The cops also said the story given to them by two others who were taken to the station that there was an “airbnb party” at an apt on Smith St. and for some reason (unknown) suddenly everyone dispersed (some sans clothes) through the back. I have no idea how they escaped from the roof or the other yards.

Stranger yet there have been two more reports of people in these backyard areas trespassing at night the past two Saturdays. The Police have been called each time.

I’d love to understand if anyone knows any more information and help get the word out to be safe.

Very strange and frightening occurrence, for sure.  Has anyone experienced similar incidents in the neighborhood? Please let us know.


Peapod said...

Have been seeing groups of overly loud & obnoxious teens. I cross the street when i see them.

Anonymous said...

oh peapod- thats just the kids getting out of school at 3pm. No worries. crossing the street only antagonizes them more.