Monday, March 13, 2017

A Wee Bit Of Fun: St. Paul's Church Hosts St. Patrick's Day Fest

One really does not need to be Irish to have a bit of fun on St. Patrick's Day. wouldn't you agree?
St. Paul's Church at 199 Carroll Street seems to agree and is inviting everyone for a corned beef and cabbage dinner with some traditional Irish beer. The cost is $15 for individuals, $5 for adults and an entire family will eat for $30.
Make sure you drop by on Friday and join the festivities.
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espike1 said...

I didn't know you could eat meat on Friday during Lent? Or is that just Catholics? Or is that just when it doesn't conflict with a hyper inflated holiday that celebrates beer, whiskey and cornbeef?

Anonymous said...

*Paddy not Patty