Thursday, March 02, 2017

New P.S.32 Addition In Gowanus Slated For Fall 2020 Completion

NYC School Construction Authority representatives at public meeting on Wednesday night, discussing PS 32 expansion with Gowanus community.
Councilman Brad Lander addressing local residents
Yvette Knight, Project Support Manager for NYC School Construction Authority.
Denise Watson-Adin, Principal of PS 32

On Wednesday night, Councilman Brad Lander joined representatives of the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA) to speak to the Gowanus community about the upcoming construction of a new addition to P.S. 32, the Samuel Mills Sprole School at 317 Hoyt Street.
The meeting was meant to give neighbors of the school a chance to address their concerns.  A similar meeting had taken place separately with parents of the school at a previous date.
Though SCA showed the public several images of the proposed building last night, taking pictures of the plans was forbidden. (Something about Homeland security and risk of compromising students and staff.)

Councilman Brad Lander opened the meeting by addressing overcrowding in our neighborhood schools. "It is an indisputable fact that we need more school seats in District 15," he told local residents. "It is also an indisputable fact that it is a headache living near a construction site," he acknowledged.

Yvette Knight, Project Support Manager for SCA, introduced her team and assured local residents that her agency has managed many projects like this and "is very experienced in doing this kind of work with kids in the building." However, she added, "I am not going to sugar coat this. Please do not expect that there will be no noise."

The new three-story addition to the existing school building at PS 32 was designed by Edelman Sultan Knox Wood/ Architects, It will replace the trailers currently being used for the lower grades at the back of the schoolyard and will provide the school with approximately 200 additional seats.
The main entrance of the school will be relocated from Hoyt Street to Union Street. The new building will be built directly behind the current 1950's area structure, and will house a large dining area, administrative offices, as well as pre-k and kindergarten on its first floor.

Besides concerns about noise, dust, street closures and damage to neighboring buildings, residents expressed concern about the loss of the community playground behind the school. Completed in 2007, the playground was a $1 million investment in the community through the City Spaces program of The Trust for Public Land.
A representative for Edelman Sultan Knox Wood/ Architects stated: "We are very conscious of the importance of this playground for the children in the neighborhood. It will be replicated square foot by square foot." The plans call for a new play area behind the building, where the trailers are currently located.

The loss of playground space, even temporarily, is one of the major logistical problems for Denise Watson-Adin,  PS 32's principal.  "I know the importance of having kids outside for recess," she said. She is currently looking at all options, including using Carroll Park, and appreciates any suggestions from the community.

Construction will start sometime this fall, after the project has been put out for bid. The expected occupancy of the new building is September 2020.  All construction will happen during school hours and during the week, but may include week-end and after-hour work closer to the completion date.

On an additional note:
MS 442, the Carroll Gardens School For Innovation, which is currently housed at PS 32, will be relocating to Bishop Ford, located at 500 19th Street in Sunset Park for the 2017-18 school year.

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Anonymous said...

As usual the city gives away zoning variances and construction permits like candy bars without any regard for the increased infrastructure usage and costs that will not paid for by the new residents tax revenue especially if they get tax abatements.
These temporary classrooms have been around for over 10 years. Guiliani,Bloomberg and DeBlasio are slaves to the developers and their fat check contributions to the Mayors' bank accounts.