Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Red Hanger Cleaners: A Utah-Based Laundry Service Coming To Smith Street

New signage recently went up at 251 Smith Street, indicating that a laundry/cleaner service was taking over the empty storefront previously occupied by OMG Taco.
We have all complained about the many nail salons and banks proliferating in the neighborhood, so the new business, Red Hanger Cleaners, may actually be a business that will be useful for local residents.
A quick internet search reveals that Red Hanger Cleaners is actually based in Utah.  There do not appear to be any others outside of that state.  This new Brooklyn location therefore seems to be a bit random, unless they want to expand on the East Coast.

If the Smith Street Red Hanger location will be similar to the ones in Utah, it will offer a variety of dry cleaning and laundry services and perhaps provide pick-up and delivery.
It is doubtful that many of the services will actually be done on site, since this is really a very small space.

What do you think?  Will "Utah's most quality and convenient cleaner" be a welcome addition on Smith Street?


Anonymous said...

im gonna guess this one is unaffiliated with the utah brand...

Anonymous said...

Anybody know when Velvette Brew next door is going to open?

EJR said...

Agreed that these entities are unaffiliated. Notice that the logos are different.

zsk said...

Velvette Brew's paper is down, and they're planning to open this weekend. It's espresso shot, serving intelligentsia beans. :-)