Monday, April 17, 2017

With Its Relaxed Atmosphere and Inviting Space, East One Coffee Roasters Is A Welcome Addition To Carroll Gardens


Chef Will Ono, Head of Coffee James Stahon, and owners Tom Cummings and Morten Tjelum

East One Coffee Roasters officially opened its doors at 384 Court Street at the corner of Carroll Street in Carroll Gardens less than two weeks ago, but already the community seems to have adopted the new coffee shop and eatery as its own. This past Friday, with the sun shining through the large open windows,  customers had made themselves right at home along some of the larger tables in the spacious front portion of the establishment, sipping coffee, eating a pastry, relaxing, meeting up with friends, or working on their laptops.
Accessible through a hallway at the back of the coffee shop, a spacious eatery was equally busy.  Serving brunch, lunch and dinner, East One's menu includes Broccolini scramble, shrimp and grits, pozole verde, and a cubano sandwich.
A full bar allows for a choice of wine, beer and cocktails with meals, but also means that the place turns into a late evening spot for a drink and a late snack

Soon, East One will be roasting its own beans on a gleaming new Diedrich IR 12 Roaster, which is housed in its own glass enclosed cubicle in the dining room.  The roasted coffee will be available for sale.
In other words, East One is the perfect spot no matter what time of day. 

Owners Tom Cummings and Morten Tjelum are delighted by how busy their establishment has been in its first few days.  It is obvious how much thought and hard work they put into East One.
Together, they established two similar independent coffee shops/ eateries in London.  East One is the partners' first in the United States, though the name refers to the post code prefix for the East London neighbourhood of Shoreditch, "the stomping ground for coffee enthusiasts and independent artisan restaurants", according to Tjelum.
Cummings and Tjelum are glad to have chosen Brooklyn for their new venture. They "very much enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere in Carroll Gardens and intend to contribute to the local community in whichever way we can and look forward to be a positive addition to Carroll Gardens.”

It is quite nice to see so much activity return to 384 Court Street. Before the partners took the space over this past fall, it had been the home of Casa Rosa.  The old-fashioned Italian restaurant closed in 2014 after 34 years in business.
Tjelum told PMFA that quite a few long time residents have stopped by to reminisce about having had weddings, christening and other family affairs in the former restaurant.  Tjelum always invites them in to show off the renovation, but to also point out architectural details that were kept as a nod to the place's past.  "We tell them 'please come in!' You are the basis of the neighborhood. We want to be inclusive."

With its proximity to Carroll Park and its convenient location in the middle of the neighborhood, East One is a great addition to Carroll Gardens. Its relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere make it the perfect go-to place at any time of the day or evening.
Stop on by, if you have not already done so.


Jack Ravio said...

$13 for a grilled cheese? $15 for a burger and no fries? Dang, Carroll Gardens is getting ridiculous in cost!

Anonymous said...

Lots of baby stroller back log at the entrance. They should rethink the coffee que.

Anonymous said...

Liqueur license so fast? And if they haven't begun roasting what coffee are they using now? With the line of baby strollers maybe Smith Canteen will be less crowded,, now. In any event I applaud them for not installing a big plastic sign.

Katia said...

Anon, 5:59, East Roast is currently roasting their coffee off site, so it is their own coffee. They will start firing up the roaster at the location this week. They were just waiting for the final hook-up from National Grid.
They applied for a liquor license during the renovation of the space. A full bar was always part of their concept.

Anonymous said...

I will never understand why so many people are so angry in this hood each time a new place open... All the Carroll garden "native" that are complaining about the gentrification, but don't care of raising the rent of the rent from the family owned building to $6000 for a three bedroom. Yes, I do agree that East roast is too expensive, but they are bringing a new lively spot at this corner. And I do prefer to pay a bit more for really good food rather than a $15 very average pasta dish at Fragole.
That say, good luck to East Roast, can't wait to try it!
(from a french in the hood for 15 years)

Anonymous said...

I've lived in the hood for 10 years and this is something we've desperately needed - a nice place to grab a good drink, breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, pastry with a balanced mix of healthy and hearty dishes. Williamsburg has places Decent prices (it's NYC in 2017 - I think some of you have been living under a rock), appealing aesthetic, easily accessible and kid friendly without feeling like it's made for kids. Williamsburg has places like this on every corner (maybe minus the kid-friendly part) and Carroll Gardens has been long overdue for something in this vein. I've already been 4 or 5 times and expect this to be part of my neighborhood routine. My 2yo daughter loves the pancakes (she called them eats one)!

Wishing them tons of success. Hopefully others will follow suit instead of opening more junky nail salons, or sub-par sushi/italian/thai restaurants run by ppl with zero restaurant experience.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Fragole as average. It's still a great option and has been incredibly consistent in the 10 years I've lived in the area. I have no complaints from the pasta dishes I get there, nor the service. It's one of the few restaurants in the area where I'm even a regular at this point.

As for One East, great espresso and space. Happy that it has a liquor license - think only Bien Cuit is the only other cafe that has one in the area?