Monday, May 08, 2017

A Moment In Time: Coffee Break

A moment caught at the corner of First Place and Court Street this past Sunday

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Anonymous said...

If only our brave boys (and girls) in blue would actually walk in the neighborhood on a patrol, instead of only getting out of their 'patrol' cars to get coffee.
I think they do a great job - when called to duty. However, until they get a radio call you'll find most looking into their palms checking their text messages instead of keeping Eyes On The Patrol Area. (This goes for the drivers, too)
The next time you see a patrol car take a moment to look inside the car. You'll see at least one of the officers texting instead of patrolling.
Ahhhhhh, youth. The younger the worker (civilian or uniformed) the more likely they can not pass-up a peek at their personal posts.